Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lawsuit Fun

Here are seven of the most egregious civil complaint awards collected over the last year. Yes, they are dumb. But are they evidence in favor of tort reform? Most of the reform proposals coming from the Bush campaign, etc., were about medical malpractice, which isn't at issue here. Is there actually a proposal in play which would address these? You can't legislate common sense, no matter how hard we try, nor can you stop lawyers (and insurance companies, who certainly paid most of these awards) from working in their own interests. What to do?

Update: Hah! Turns out that Most of those stories are both false and old. Remind me to check Snopes next time before I link to a "true story" piece like this.


Anonymous said...

Loser Pays might help. Also the ABA might start policing their own, fat chance. No, you can't legislate common sense. But, why can't those with J.D.s start exercising a little? These cases should have never seen a jury. Does the right to a hearing mean the right to drag companies, and individuals, into court on nonsense in hope of a payday? I don't think so. I think the law ought to hold people responsible for their choices. An example of the opposite approach would be the looting of tobacco companies. Then they tried it with firearm manufactures, and now fast food. Five gallon buckets now have warning labels, as do ladders! It's getting absurd, and legal minds more brilliant than mine should be able to find a solution.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I agree insurance companies are a big part of the problem, as are companies that pay-off nuisance suits instead of fighting them. If they did, they may, in the long run, save money.

P.P.S Regarding the previous post, I'm opposed to soldiers being compelled to participate in photo ops with any politician. It's a contemptable practice, the Kerry picture just caught my eye. And there has been little mention of it outside the blogisphere, at least to my knowledge.