Sunday, December 12, 2004

Damaged Mail

My mail comes in pretty good shape, most of the time. Certainly nothing more than the usual run of bumps and tears and creases. So it's probably coincidence, but it still makes you wonder.....

We don't get a lot of specifically Jewish-themed mail, either; no magazines, or temple bulletins, or consistent mailings from Jewish philanthropies (actually, due to my support of some Native American charities, I'm much more likely to get mailings from Christian groups aimed at helping those communities).

I got a letter from the World Jewish Congress in the mail last week that was damaged. Just a little bit, really, but it was the placement that struck me. The mailing included a "prospective member" card, visible through the envelope window, and what was damaged was the WJC logo -- Star of David with a globe inset surrounded by the WJC name in English and Hebrew -- on the card. It looked like it was abraded or slightly burned, as the plastic window had some dark coloring on the edges of the torn section.

Like I said, most of my mail comes through fine.

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