Monday, September 19, 2005

Gun Owner of the Year Nominee

Mike Royko used to publish a column of really, really bad gun stories. Here is, without a doubt, a leading nominee for Gun Owner of the Year: a man who was beating his dog with a shotgun was himself shot when the dog's paw reportedly caught the trigger.

I don't remember, though, if Royko had an international division: it happened in Bulgaria. But in the modern age, global embarrassment awaits any who so distinctively screw up.


Orac said...

Sounds like an urban legend to me. I've heard several variations of this one. Although I'd love to see such an idiot get his just deserts, I find it very odd that the story didn't mention the name of the hunter. Why didn't it?

My urban legend antennae are twitching. This may be true, but I tend to doubt it.

Ahistoricality said...

I've heard several similar stories (including one in an old Mike Royko column I've got somewhere), and the physics of it is a bit incomprehensible. But I don't read Bulgarian, so it's bit hard to go looking for "closer to the source" sources.

My antennae twitched a bit, but at least we can strongly suggest that beating a dog with the butt end of a rifle is a bad idea, right?