Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Recent adventures in Mass Media

New Movie: The Last Mimzy.
No, it's not a "faithful" adaptation of the short story, but a slightly sappy revision of it. Nonetheless, it's pretty good, and I'd love to see some of Kuttner/Moore's other stuff come to the big screen. It felt a bit short: I get the impression that there was more storytelling going on that got cut.

Dollar Theater (aka DVD out soon): Happy Feet
Unnecessarily kinetic and psychological, but the dancing, which is supposed to be a highlight of the film, was underdone. Honestly, I wouldn't pay the dollar to see it again.

Novelization: The Death and Life of Superman
I'd always meant to find out how they resolved that whole mess. The Death of Superman comics were surprisingly affecting, but I didn't keep up with it. The novelization was a nice compact way to get through it all, and for a novel, it was a pretty good comic book. It got the job done.

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