Monday, February 16, 2009

Comment Elsewhere: Color Coded Fiscal Crisis

In response to this story and this story about state government budget impasses leading to the brink of shutdowns, layoffs, etc. -- in the comment section here, I made a suggestion (color added):

We’re going to need color-coded maps:
  • Red = Republican-induced Shutdown
  • Orange = Republican Brinksmanship
  • Yellow = Budget Impasse but still solvent
  • Blue = Blue Dog Democrat Capitulation slashes social, educational funds and corporate taxes
  • Green = Sane people still in charge.
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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to that rainbow coalition of failure at the end of empire.

Anonymous said...

Unlike California, Michigan, and Hawaii, Kansas is still being run by adults. Governor Windmill had to make few concessions on getting the budget balanced and the Republicans made a few points. Not that big a deal, really. I don't think anyone missed any meals over it.

It was Governor Windmill who killed an extremely useful coal fired power plant project in West Kansas in order to pander to global warming kooks. Her actions did great damage to the state's economy. But she apparently is going to get her reward of a cabinet seat. Now the entire nation can benefit from her ignorance and arrogance.