Friday, April 03, 2009

Comment Elsewhere: Who would have guessed?

For whatever reason, my comments on Kevin Drum's post about the Iowa ruling, a unanimous victory for marriage equality, keep getting eaten as spam. Here's what I said, roughly (lost it in the spam filter)
Who would have guessed?


High average levels of education, a long tradition of diversity and tolerance, an authentically progressive tradition of politics, and a quiet cosmopolitanism that puts much of both coasts to shame. Possibly the most authentically liberal place I've ever lived.


Anonymous said...

My comment was blocked as spam as well.

What would I have said?

"promotion of procreation"

This is in most of the conservative/discriminationist rhetoric in some form or another. It always boggles my mind. I mean, the urge to reproduce is one of the strongest urges our (or any) species has.

I can never really figure out why someone else's sex life is anyone's business but their own and that of their consenting adult partner. And any 'het' couple whose marriage is in any way affected by someone else's marriage--heterosexual or homosexual--has other problems.

Anne Zook

Terry said...

Like you, I wasn't surprised in the least by the ruling. I grew up in Iowa, and it's far more liberal than people give it credit for. I once worked on the gubernatorial campaign of Jerry Fitzgerald, later the chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, and found him to be the most progress politician I ever had the privilege to know. Iowans know when to mind their own business, something the rest of the country could take a lesson from.