Monday, March 01, 2010

Picture: First Bunny of Spring


Terry said...


I live far enough into the city that I seldom see rabbits, although a covey of quail live in my juniper bushes and I once saw a baby elk in the wooded lot by the grocery store. But no bunnies.

Did your little one get to see him too?

Ahistoricality said...


We've got a fair bit of wildlife around here, though we're technically urban: lots of wild space around us. I once saw a deer in our yard, and there are both geese and hawks that live in the neighborhood.

I'm quite sure there's a mole in our yard, too, though I only caught a hint of a glimpse: the tunnels are pretty extensive.

Terry said...

My middle child would be so jealous of your mole. From the time she was little they fascinated her - she'd keep me in the nocturnal building at the zoo for hours if I'd let her.

Here I get holes in the yard, but only from gophers. She's attached to those, too.