Saturday, March 26, 2005

What Fox News Doesn't Want to Know, or, Why Haven't they brought in MORE Psychics?

Fox News brought in "psychic" John Edwards, who claimed that Terri Schiavo's spirit was indeed aware of what was happening to her. Edwards equivocated on whether her soul was still within her body, and the host did not ask what Schiavo's spirit wanted. Why not? It's the obvious next question: it's the ultimate scoop -- "Terri Wants To ___!" -- and what honest reporter could not ask the question? Even if Edwards is a nut and a fraud, let's see how far he's willing to go!

Frankly, a couple of reliable psychics should have been able to settle this a long time ago. Bring in four or five, and if they all (or all but the one fraud) come to the same conclusion independently, there you have it! But then, how many psychics would agree to a properly blinded study in this fashion, and how many people would actually turn a life decision over to these people? Never mind, the second question is stupid. But the courts aren't. Not yet, anyway.

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