Sunday, May 01, 2005

Mummy 4: Attack of the Bronze Age Lice!

Excavated from the Xiaohe Tomb Complex in the Lop Nur Desert, Zhu Hong, director of the Frontier Archeology Study Department of Jilin University in Jilin Province, said: "The mummies were unbelievably well-preserved, even better than the mummies in Egypt. Even lice on the dead people's heads have been preserved."
And lest you think that Chinese mummies are too tame to be Hollywood worthy:
The tomb complex yielded rare cultural relics including wooden objects, animal hair fabrics, jade, stoneware, as well as the fur and bones of animals such as sheep, cattle, fowl and lynx. It also yielded objects symbolic of genitals, suggesting a belief in phallicism.
Interestingly enough, this stuff was found before
The massive burial site was first discovered in 1934 by Swedish explorer Folke Bergman. His archeological diary helped Chinese researchers spot the site at the end of 2000, when the diary was published in Chinese.
Maybe it should be Indiana Jones IV, instead?

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