Tuesday, May 31, 2005


OK, I admit that it might be reading too much into little stuff, but this NY Times article about the President's personal aide, Blake Gottesman, just had too much stuff that rubbed raw wounds:
  • First of all, the only reasons they're writing this is to "make nice" with the administration and fill time by answering a question that's been on "West Wing" viewers' minds for some time now: is there really a personal aide to the president? They do not, however, reference "West Wing" until nearly the very end of the article, and do not admit that the only reason anyone would care is because of the show. Useless, mindless, filler.
  • Of course, he's a friend of the family. They never hire anyone who isn't a friend of the family. Couldn't trust 'em otherwise, apparently. Note that the other guy they interview, Joe Hagin, is a Deputy Chief of Staff and was Pres. G.H.W. Bush's personal aide. Ingrown, inbred, insular.
  • The administration's penchant for deception and secrecy extends to trivia: the article points out that Mr. Gottesman lied -- "an inside joke," they called it -- when asked an entirely reasonable question about his actual work. Apparently the guy's got a "wicked" sense of humor, as long as it isn't at the expense of his boss.
What a waste. Not the article: the eight years.

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