Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Comment Elsewhere: Twitter Tracks

Thinking about the remarkable use of twitter we've seen in Iran, I said
It really is remarkable, but there are a lot of other forms of communication still working, too: phones (including land lines!), copy machines (seriously underappreciated for their role in breaking down Soviet thought control), personal communication.

Twitter, though, is visible to the rest of the world, and much harder to filter quickly than blogs. Still, I’m actually concerned, a bit, about this: it leaves a record, one that’s very difficult to erase, and if the regime regains control, there will be a vicious backlash against identifiable twitterers.

Update: Apparently I'm not wrong.

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Inday said...

All these blogging networks, am not keen on exploring other avenues. I have too much to keep up anyway. It's okay for me to twitter on my own. :)

Since actively participating with memes where a Commenter is asked to leave email address, and that I so politely obliged, my inbox has been inundated with spam letters.

And mostly they come from banking institutions whom I never have transactions with. Until now, they are still tracking the origin of these scoundrels and rascals.

These problem creators must have long legs that they can quickly do and run away with. Very sad!