Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Homework: Media Bias

Here's an interesting exercise: compare two independently produced lists of underreported stories for the past year. I've condensed a few stories together, and the summary language is my own (I've tried to be fair, but who knows?).
WorldNetDaily Top 10Project Censored Top 25 [Note: for fairness, only the top ten included here]
  • Nuclear Terrorism
  • al Qaeda-Iraq links
  • Immigration/Border control
  • Sandy Berger Document Theft
  • SBVT were right
  • ACLU/Judicial Activism
  • anti-Christian arrest incident
  • UN Oil-for-Food scandal
  • Darfur Genocide
  • Corrosive Wealth Stratification
  • Nuclear energy/waste dangers
  • Human Rights v. Corporations
  • Administration attacks on non-partisan science
  • Administration giveaways to corporations (Energy, logging)
  • Conservative Judicial nominations
  • 9/11 RICO lawsuit filed against US gov't

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