Thursday, February 24, 2005

How to Prepare for College

My high school was like this... well it offered tracks like this. Number 3 was rarer than it should be, and I never really needed #4. But we had 1 and 2 in abundance. Is it that hard?
four major characteristics shared by these high performing high schools:

1. High-level, college-oriented content in core courses -- All schools offered coherent sequences of courses focused on college-readiness content at a level beyond most state and district standards.

2. Qualified and experienced teachers -- All of the teachers were certified in their subject area, and nearly all had a Master's degree or higher with at least one degree in their subject area.

3. Teaching that is flexible and responsive to students -- Most teachers frequently asked and answered questions and checked for student understanding. In classroom discussions and lectures, they helped students make meaningful connections to the content by using examples that had meaning to students, making reference to prior learning, current events and popular culture.

4. Out of classroom support for students -- Students were provided with extra support outside the classroom through tutors, teachers, and other helpers, including peers and adults from the community. Teachers offered help outside of class and reminded students that they were available for assistance.

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