Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Arab Militias Rampage Unchecked in Darfur"

Remind me again how the UN is the problem and the US is the solution?
The African Union and United Nations condemned the Khor Abeche attack and referred the name of the Janjaweed commander to the Security Council for a possible travel ban and asset freeze, unlikely to deter a tribal leader in remote Darfur who would rarely leave the country.
Culture of life; invading countries to liberate millions from threats of death and oppression; stemming the spread of hate and weapons.... aren't these supposed to be priorities of our national leadership?

Let me say it, so there's no confusion: if the US could invade Iraq based on the permissions and evidence we had at the time, the US can invade the Sudan. If the reasons given for invading Iraq, before and after, were sincere, then we should invade Darfur.

If the Iraq situation had been handled with a bit more professionalism and care, we could "spare" the resources to stop these known and ongoing atrocities.

I filed my taxes last week, account for a year's worth of taxpaying, about a third of which is supposed to be military spending. It's not enough? You want permission, too? Let's face it, my opinion doesn't count for squat: Bush could lead the invasion of Darfur personally, M-16 in hand (or F-16 around him, whatever), and I probably would still vote for almost any Democrat that opposes his heir apparent in 2008. But at least I would think him less a hypocrit, and that has to be worth something.

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