Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Heart Attack Option....

We are so lame:
North Korea is the most odious country in the world today. It has been caught counterfeiting U.S. dollars and smuggling drugs, and prisoners have been led along with wire threaded through their collarbones so they can't run away. While some two million North Koreans were starving to death in the late 1990's, Mr. Kim spent $2.6 million on Swiss watches. He's the kind of man who, when he didn't like a haircut once, executed the barber.

But Mr. Bush seems frozen in the headlights, unable to take any action at all toward North Korea. American policy now is to hope that Mr. Kim has a heart attack.
I still think that the Bush administration's withholding of information about the North Korean problems until after the Iraq war authorization vote would have gotten a special prosecutor if Congress had any guts at all. Or a few more gutless Democrats would do the trick, too....

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