Monday, August 08, 2005

Shorter Six Party Talks

This is a good summary of the latest round of six-party talks aimed at ending the North Korean nuclear crisis, but it can be boiled down further: US and North Korea didn't budge; South Korea isn't a total lapdog of US or Japan on this matter; China is either unwilling or unable to actually force North Korea to make even rhetorical concessions.

In other words: Same Shit, Different Day.

Update: A timely update on the state of the kakistocracy. The same shit is unacceptable.

Update 2: Here's another summary of the talks, a bit more organized. Best line: "After a 3-week recess the 'big boys' including nice-guy Mr. Hill will experience another deja-vu in Beijing where expectations are as low as President Bush's approval rating."

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