Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Never seen it....

...but I'm going to have to. I really like Depp though the word on Charlie isn't good. The sweater thing is uncanny, though.

You Are Ed Wood From "Ed Wood."
You definitely have your name in history, although probably not for the reason you believe. Yet you are very accepting, non-judgemental, and optimistic almost to a fault. You also have a thing for angora sweaters. How could anyone not like you?

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Anonymous said...

Watch some of Ed Wood's original films before and then watch "Ed Wood"; it will be even better. "Plan 9 from outer space" was even available from archive.org, but as I went to look for just now it turns out it is no longer there :(

Ahistoricality said...

I've seen Plan 9: it is indeed worthy of its reputation as the worst movie ever made. Not the worst commercial movie, or the worst studio movie.... Worst. Movie. Ever.