Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday Lyric: Turning Toward the Morning

I've known this song forever. My spouse put it on our anniversary mix, along with a lot of other songs that ought to be featured here. Maybe later.

Turning Toward the Morning
by Gordon Bok

When the deer has bedded down
And the bear has gone to ground,
And the northern goose has wandered off
To warmer bay and sound,
It's so easy in the cold to feel
The darkness of the year
And the heart is growing lonely
For the morning
Oh, my Joanie, don't you know
That the stars are swinging slow,
And the seas are rolling easy
As they did so long ago?
If I had a thing to give you,
I would tell you one more time
That the world is always turning
Toward the morning.
Now October's growing thin
And November's coming home;
You'll be thinking of the season
And the sad things that you've seen,
And you hear that old wind walking,
Hear him singing high and thin,
You could swear he's out there singing
Of your sorrow.

When the darkness falls around you
And the Northwind come to blow,
And you hear him call you name out
As he walks the brittle snow:
That old wind don't mean you trouble,
He don't care or even know,
He's just walking down the darkness
Toward the morning.

It's a pity we don't know
What the little flowers know.
They can't face the cold November
They can't take the wind and snow:
They put their glories all behind them,
Bow their heads and let it go,
But you know they'll be there shining
In the morning.

Now, my Joanie, don't you know
That the days are rolling slow,
And the winter's walking easy,
As he did so long ago?
And, if that wind would come and ask you,
"Why's my Joanie weeping so?"
Wont you tell him that you're weeping
For the morning?

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Anonymous said...

Please let people know this is a copyrighted Gordon Bok song.

Gordon Bok

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. Imitation is only "the sincerest form of flattery" when credit is given where credit is due. The only way artists will continue to exist and write wonderful songs for us is by receiving credit for their work. Acknowledgement is not the same as royalties, but it might lead someone to buy one of the CDs on which Bok's beautiful words or rich voice are featured. (not an artist, not related, just a fan)