Sunday, June 12, 2005

Against my better judgement

In the long term, it reveals too much. In the short term, it reveals too much. And it's just not healthy. And yet, I blog.


Anonymous said...

Good set of links, thank you. Also some good thoughts included in the posts you linked to.

I worry, as do most "real name bloggers" about being outed to my employer. (Of course, with me, it's less about what I say, which is almost never associated with my job, as it is the sheer quantity of posts with time-stamps that prove I wrote them when I was on company time.)

Anne Zook

Ahistoricality said...

Well, I haven't checked your time stamps, but you do note your breaks and "on hold" blogging pretty consistently: I think they'd have some trouble pinning you down for time-wasting. At least, if they're going to be consistent, they'd need to do some monitoring of everyone else's computer use to determine if your wasteage was atypical before they took any particular action against you.

Of course, that's in a fair world, and when it comes to firing bloggers we're not there yet.

Anonymous said...

Some blogging software, including Movable Type and probably others, allows you to edit your time stamps before you publish.