Wednesday, June 15, 2005

History Carnival #10

Marc Comtois has done a very nice roundup of the historical blogsphere, including the time viewing hoax noted here. I suppose, at some point, I'll have to start doing roundups of the ahistorical blogosphere, if I could only figure out what that means....

In the "I hate to link to it because of the debate it could start but I just can't help myself" category, Eric at Classical Values has a list of the top ten most destructive music of the recent past, but he left off Bob Dylan, who single-handedly did more damage to folk and rock music (and possibly to religious music) than any other person alive or dead.

The "Final Historian" thinks we're in trouble, too: Glocalization is not just hard to say, it's dangerous!

[Update: the History Carnival link made Wednesday the first triple-digit traffic day on this blog since the Atriostorm back in early May. That's like six days worth of normal traffic....]

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