Thursday, June 30, 2005

How Low Can You Go?

Republicans are threatening retaliation against Major League Baseball if Democratic supporter George Soros is permitted to buy a team. (You think I'm kidding? Google it.) Are they nuts?
  • They're messing with baseball. Not protecting it from itself, not looking out for fans. Just mucking around with it for political purposes. That's political suicide.
  • They're messing with big business. It's politicized enough, but if guys like George Soros think that they're economic health is threatened by cheap politics, we're never going to have another unbought politician in this country. (there is the possibility that they're actually shilling for a better-connected potential buyer: wouldn't that be amusing?)
  • They WON the damned elections. Probably not fairly, but they won, nonetheless. Taking revenge after you win is just mean.
OK: they're politically inept, economically backwards and nasty. This isn't news, except that they keep doing it over and over.... eventually, even most decent Republicans won't be able to hold their noses anymore.

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