Thursday, June 22, 2006


Feminist Carnival number Seventeen starts with an old historical fallacy.... but the rest of it's pretty intriguing, though I haven't got time for more than a bit of it. Lots of talking about talking back, which is more interesting than it sounds.

Carnival of Satire has lots of good stuff this week (and not just the ones I found)...

Carnival of the Vanities is the usual mixed bag: some stuff definitely worth checking out.

Skeptics Circle meets in the Bermuda Triangle! Lots of great, great stuff.

Carnival of the Liberals is over at Neural Gourmet, which is always worth a visit.

And, much to my surprise, I beat out archy by getting 13 out of 14 correct on the "Hitler or Coulter" quote quiz. (Apparently Hitler wasn't entirely unconcerned about the Liberal effect on America. Who knew?

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