Monday, June 05, 2006

End of Democracy and of Web 2.0

Gotta hawk a new carnival! Carnival of the Decline of Democracy - Round One by Ken Goldstein. If I'd known, I might have submitted this or this. Well, next time. There's lots of good (bad) material out there. How about this: the first attempt to put new restrictions on human rights back into the Constitution since the damn thing was written. (And, just for fun, backtracking and qualification at the same time)

Also, some disturbing new technical features: I'm getting spam in my Technorati RSS feed. Not the watchlist that you click to on the sidebar, but in bloglines, I'm getting multiple "hits" that are clearly splogs with no content or linkage relevant to the watch. I've been wondering for a while now when companies and spammers were going to notice Web 2.0 features like technorati tags. They glommed on to trackbacks quick enough.... Also, online pizza delivery and other companies that save your credit card info should ask for some kind of verification before taking on-line orders....

Update: I finally figured out why I was getting traffic from a website I consider a pretty inhospitable environment: pure dumb luck. They're using the technorati backtracks on articles they consider "of interest" to create rolling link blogs, and when I comment on an article they're tracking, it just happens.

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Ken Goldstein said...

Thanks for the kind mention here of my new carnival. I've enjoyed checking out your blog and will look forward to your entry in the next round.