Monday, July 10, 2006

Good Reading...

Start, if you're one of us "can't put it down" readers, with Chris Bray's meditation on literature-induced insomnia. Also suffering from insomnia, Sepoy meditates on torture in media as well as in reality.

Then, because he says it so well, I'll just quote Ralph Luker
Recent years' enthusiasm for the Founding Fathers has neglected John Witherspoon. Roger Kimball, "The Forgotten Founder," Opinion Journal, 3 July; Jonathan Rowe, "John Witherspoon," Positive Liberty, 3 July; and Brandon Watson, "Musing on Witherspoon," Siris, 7 July, is a conversation that needs to happen.
Just remember to read all three pieces, because there's some very interesting correcting and revising going on in the process. Luker also notes the Asian History Carnival, which has much better stuff in it than my own contribution....

Bill mostly quotes other folks, but I'm going to quote him: "The Chicago Manual of Style. You either know it and hate it, or you've never had to deal with it." So true. He has some suggestions, though.

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