Sunday, July 02, 2006

History Carnival, and other thoughts

Manan Ahmed, aka Sepoy, has put a wealth of material together in a surprisingly coherent -- and ocassionally brilliant -- History Carnival.

Pop Quiz: A magazine contacts you because they want to take a picture of your child, then puts it on the cover of a story about how to avoid having children like yours. How do you feel? [via] Update.

I knew something about the Japanese PM's visit to Graceland was bugging me -- I thought it was sort of kitschy, the kind of thing you do after you've left office -- but Todd Crowell points out that no Japanese PM has ever addressed Congress, which is what most heads of state do when they visit....

I have very complicated feelings and thoughts about Israel's history and current repetoire of national defense. I find myself unable to join the chorus of "Israel's going too far" (e.g.) this time. Brian Ulrich comes a lot closer to my own reactions. We knew that it was going to be rocky when Hamas won the election, but the "power will make them more responsible" dream is dead. Think of an analogy: how would the US respond if a group affiliated with the ruling party of a country -- unrepudiated, integrated into power, well-equipped and popular -- carried out guerrilla (to be nice) or terror attacks? Let's see, last time that happened... oh, yeah.

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