Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Carnivals! History, Poetry, Invertebrates, Insanity....

Step right up!

History Carnival #19 seems to be continuing the recent trend towards true crime, horror and sex, but maybe it's just Halloween.

Carnival of the Spineless, the roundup of biology blogging about invertebrates, is in the form of a menu.... yum? Sushi is one thing....

Insanity can be a matter of perspective. The Carnival of Insanities is like a minefield in which your perspective might be pilloried or glorified (or both) in any given post. It's a bit hard going, working through all those posts in which all those points of view are so vigorously attacked from so many other points of view.

Finally, another bit of hard work, but much more pleasant: Poetry. I'm particularly fond, on first readthrough, of Einstein at Princeton, but there's more. And they're looking for a host... I wonder if I'd qualify?

Update: It's not technically a carnival, but the Disability Studies folks monthly roundup is definitely worth browsing through.

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