Friday, November 25, 2005

Splog = Spam + Blog

I love new words. Well, actually, mostly I like discovering old words that mean something I thought there wasn't a word for; to be honest, most modern neologisms are faddish and awkward. Honestly: "blog" is pretty much the verbal equivalent of slapping mashed potatoes on a plate from an awkward height....

Still, tracking back a recent comment I discovered a relatively new blogger who shared a new word:
Like most of the comments I delete here, a splog is a weblog entirely devoted to hawking a particular product, company, service, etc.

Google, according to the linked post, is trying to filter out splogs from its search algorithms, which is good for the rest of us ... and their own ad revenues, of course: they couldn't be bothered to deal with the neo-Nazi Jew googlebomb, or embedded text search engine traps, until their bottom line was threatened. Oh, well.

In (barely) related news, the best thing I could get from the (almost completely right-wing) Carnival of Satire this time around was a link to a thorough linguistic and sociological discussion of l33tspeak. iF i WeRe K00L iD Ri3H+ 1iK3 +Hi5..... yeesh.

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