Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Publish the Memo!

There is now a full-scale campaign in favor of publishing the oddly classified Blair-Bush memo regarding the threat/joke/Tourette's symptom about bombing Qatar-based al-Jazeera.

I'm not a big one for blog campaigns, having been burned by MoveOn (they were supposed to disappear when their job was done. In case you haven't noticed, they're still here!) but I'm in. I'll post my number in the list of member bloggers, which is currently almost 200, plus scores more in comments and trackbacks, when they update the list. Go here to sign up, or view the list of member bloggers.

This is a gross misuse of the Official Secrets Act, and of classification schemes in general. Unless the President and Prime Minister were discussing the secret weapons in development that might have made the bombing somehow less of an atrocity.... no, there's no good reason. It's pure bureaucratic ass-covering.

Release the Memo!

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