Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lie, Cheat, Attack; Repeat As Necessary

Ultimately, the Bush administration is either going to go down in history as one of the most corrupt and ethically bereft ever, or the nation is going to change beyond recognition, either through collapse or fascist transformation. Signs of the apocalypse:

Not only is the president from Texas, a snakepit where democracy has rarely been more than a fig leaf over naked economic and racial power, he continues to appoint his closest friends and cronies to higher and higher positions, and the "iron triangle" (a term that used to apply to Japan's bureaucratic, political and business elite collusion; in the case of Bush I can't decide whether the military counts as bureaucratic, political or business, or perhaps it's an Iron Square?) gets stronger gets stronger and stronger.

Not only are we still involved in wars which we should have won, but we got there through gross incompetence and felonious falsities. Now, we can't seem to get out of them without losing our minds: On the one hand we're loudly denying that we're going to "cut and run" and on the other we're making plans to get out with all due haste.

In other words, this administration couldn't talk out of one side of its mouth if its collective head was fixed in a vise.... which doesn't sound like a bad idea, just on general principles.

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