Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yeti Speaks! Zook Rants!

The latest Skeptic's Circle upholds their tradition of creative presentation: Interview With a Yeti, and a skeptical one, at that. It's tough being obscure: You get misunderstood by all the wrong people!

Aside from stuff I'd already read (Orac, PZ Myers, tinfoil hats), my favorite so far is EoR's attempt to define whether Reiki is a religion. And there's an interesting (if incomplete) meditation on the relationship between science, skepticism, credulity and fundamentalism. I'll have to go back to that one and think about it.

And Anne Zook is in fine ranting form today, and I entirely concur. She's bookended the rant with wonderful links about politics and energy (both links are about both; it's not either/or, anymore, if it ever was).

Finally, from Chris Bray, shooting fish in a barrel....

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