Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Arthur Silber's back!

Adam Kotsko once said that "bloggers don't keep their promises" which is patently untrue except for one category of promise: the promise to stop blogging. Kotsko himeself is struggling with it right now; lots of us are. We can't do it, though. We love the outlet, even if nobody comments, even if our readership is people googling for easy essay answers. We can't stop. It's a safety valve, without which we'd be serious cranks...

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philistine youth said...

It never occurred to me that after finding Silber, and others like him, that only a few people would read it.
I also never thought of people taking their words and using them for essay answers.

I guess this is for the purpose of letting you know I saw what you wrote, and agree. It is sad.