Saturday, October 08, 2005

Miers: defensive strategy

It's nice to see someone else (with more readers, yeah) talking about Miers nomination as a defensive maneuver. [via]

When you factor in the Congressional Republican leadership's meltdown [also via], Plame-gate [via], the close ties of the administration to failed kleptocorps like Tyco and Enron, and the FEMA fiasco, the midterm elections could well be followed by impeachment proceedings.

As an aside, it seems that a Senator who once represented me is taking things too literally:
[Democratic] Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, said the nominee had become a victim of sexism. "They're saying a woman who was one of the first to head up a major law firm with over 400 lawyers doesn't have intellectual heft," Ms. Mikulski said.
Note to the Honorable Senator: nobody's saying that she's dumb, but organizational skill and people skills are not the same thing as the ethical and legal reasoning required at the Supreme Court level. We've already got a President with more people skills than "book smarts"; how much more of that can we take?

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