Tuesday, October 18, 2005

SF Filmology Score: 48%

John Scalzi has compiled what he considers the "most significant" fifty SF movies. I've seen 24 of them, and I have my doubts about the other 26. Too much recent stuff, the true significance of which is yet to be determined. But I gotta give him credit: he's going to get lots of publicity for his book this way! [via]


Kirk said...

I beat you by one. I've seen exactly half on the list. It seems to me that the list includes several films that experts deem "important" or "significant," categories that this sci-fi fan regards as somewhat different from "good" or "enjoyable."

Ahistoricality said...

Definitely. I can see the justification for including films which influence future filmmakers and writers, but that doesn't excuse some of what's on the list... or off of it.

Some of those items aren't easy to get hold of, either: 100% is going to be a rare score, for sure.