Sunday, October 16, 2005

Capsule Reviews: Mega Trilogy

Mega M&Mstm: "Mega" ain't what it used to be. Maybe they'll come out with Giga M&Ms someday. Though they could redeem themselves somewhat with dark chocolate, I doubt they will.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy: About as good as it could be, given the limitations of time and the inerrant shallowness of moviemaking. Spot checking with the book reveals that they were remarkably faithful in language and plotting, but where they diverged mostly it was for obvious and very overdramatic reasons. Like the story needed "punching up"! NOT.


Anonymous said...

Me, I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate, but I was underwhelmed by M&M's entry into that field.

As for the "mega" version...generic quality chocolate in a larger portion size isn't necessarily a good thing.

Anne Zook

Ahistoricality said...

Well, my favorite "everyday" chocolate is semi-sweet, with bittersweet right behind (a shot glass full of Ghiardelli's double-dark bittersweet chips beats a truckload of M&Ms any day), so yeah, the "Dark Side" M&Ms could have been darker. But I'm encouraging them, nonetheless: I want dark chocolate to catch on as an "extreme" food, like those damned Altoid mints....