Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Last in a distinguished line....

[via] Apparently George W. Bush is descended from vicious Irish conquerers. I don't hold that against him because, as Frank Herbert (among others) has pointed out, we are descended from the victors; all of us have the blood of killers, rapists and conquerers running through our veins because these are the people who propogated most successfully for most of human history. It's believed that as many as one in six central Asian men is descended from a single ancestor: Genghis Khan, who slaughtered men and children and raped women with unique ferocity.

But Bush is descended from notorious traitors: men who turned on their own kings and people for private gain. And that's a tradition the family has upheld. For fun, here's a list of "lies and policy failures" that runs out at 32. Unlike the ancient Irish, though, who suffered under steel and boot for centuries, we have a process by which treacherous leaders may be punished: we can vote them out, or impeach them.

Let's start.

[Update] Looks like that conquerer's blood is stirring [via]. As Snoopy said "My teeth are tingling again...."

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