Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Geneaology of Blogging

  • blogfather: Ralph Luker, of Cliopatria
  • Left, Right, or Other: Forwards
  • blog-birth-month: November 2004
  • blog-children: Not that I know of
  • existing lineage ... influential, ur-blogger from five years ago: Like I said, Ralph Luker's the man to ask about that
It should be said, though, that my political blogging is an offshoot of my letter-to-the-editor writing, which is a habit that goes back to December 1989 and which was inspired not by a blogger but by my mother, who taught me the value of speaking out and writing effectively. Also, like Orac, I have USENET and listserv experience starting in the early 1990s. This blogging thing is fun, but it's more evolutionary than its cheerleaders let on.

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