Friday, February 03, 2006

Anne Zook for...Anything!

Anne Zook is ranting again. In parts:

1 - Damn Those People -- In which Swiftian Sarcasm is applied liberally
The importance of humans in human society has been grossly over-exaggerated over the years and mindless corporate consumerism is what we all really aspire to anyhow.

We don't care if you tap our phones and read our e-mail as long as we can choose between four kinds of Bounty paper towels for our kitchens.
We can have a Federal government that's responsible for killing people overseas, spying on people here at home, and making sure the wheels stay greased for corporate donors interests everywhere. And, you know, transportation. But only if the unions get busted.

Education, healthcare, the environment, the poor, the elderly, animals, agriculture, civil rights, food safety, the FDA, energy research and safety, the Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Labor, mine safety, national parks services, the EPA, and all of those other unimportant things can just...take care of themselves.

And individual states and communities can have what they want and can afford to pay for.

If Missouri doesn't have high-tech industry, they don't need internet access. If Mississippi doesn't have any jobs, they don't need labor rights. If Wyoming has more cows than people, they probably don't need any social services. If Kansas doesn't have any trees, they shouldn't have a say in logging issues (regardless of what deforestation does to the climate in states east of the west coast). If Oklahoma doesn't have any rain, they're not contributing to the country's water resources and don't deserve water rights.

Everyone who thinks Oklahomans should die of thirst because it hasn't rained there, raise your hand....
2 - What About Me? -- in which Anne discusses a positive platform for Public education, Right to privacy ("Even if I die in a brutal "terrorist attack" later today or tomorrow, never, ever torture anyone in my name." -- yeah, what she said), Labor and abortion and religious rights, open government (oh, yeah!) and isolationism (which I'd modify slightly to "non-imperialism" but I suspect I'm going to have to split a few hairs to make this case. Last time I tried that with Anne, she buzz-cut me, so to speak.).

3 - Operation Clean-Sweep -- In Spanish, that's Que Se Vayan Todos: They All Must Go.
We hire representatives to go to Washington and work on our behalf every day so that we have the time and leisure to take care of our personal lives.

We're angry. If they're not angry, they're not representing us.

They're representatives. If they're not representing us, they have to go.
Go read the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

Hee. If you keep linking to me this often, people are going to start suspecting you're a sock puppet. ;)

Thanks for the kind words, though!

Anne Zook

Ahistoricality said...


All due respect, I think this blog would be a lot of work just for sock puppetry.... though I suppose I could be a shared puppet, with you, Chris Bray, The Blog Quiz Committee and the Blog Carnival Junta pulling the strings... nah.