Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cautionary Carnival Moments

Oddly enough, the current Carnival of the Vanities is at the Carnival of the Capitalists blog, but it's still got that "if I'm gonna submit my best stuff and people are going to read it, it better be good" self-selective quality about it. I'm constantly amazed, actually, at the high quality of the CoV posts.

Anyway, two posts caught my eye: the discovery of 20-year-old hand grenades in an Indian Sikh temple, and a report of a conservative Republican teacher's rant about homosexuality. And they say liberals are the ones politicizing the classroom....

Also: the latest Carnival of Satire is up! I've decided to treat the CoS like I treat the History carnivals: if I see something that's worth considering for it, I'm not going to wait and hope the author submits it themselves. I like satire, and I want to see the good stuff get the attention it deserves. Also, as I've noted before, the CoS could use a bit of political balance, and I'm grateful to Mark Rayner for featuring what I submitted so prominently and positively.

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