Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Ton of Money...

Apparently, one million dollars, in singles, weighs one metric ton; in hundred dollar bills, it's just 22 pounds, though.

If you want to stop blogging, please don't delete the blog. I don't know about the claim that "Carnivals are going to be the key entry-point into the blogosphere for future historians, students and archivists." but the conclusion is still dead-on: "They are also key nodes in the web that is blogosphere. If you have hosted an edition of a carnival, deleting it should be considered a capital crime."

Speaking of which, I missed the announcement of the latest Teaching Carnival, but it's a doozy. It's huge! No way am I reading all that today. Maybe by the end of the month.... they gotta move this one to weekly editions. And, the Skeptics' Circle Court of Disputation is in Session! (My favorite so far is the asteroid mining debunk, though I think he's taking a slightly too narrow view of things. This debunking of anti-vaccination scare tactics is great, too.).

Also, speaking of science blogs, I'm not the best member of my family to be telling physics jokes, but what're ya gonna do? Also, Chicken/Road jokes as answered by pseudoscientists (and a few rational skeptics, too). A good week for humor.

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