Friday, February 24, 2006

Carnival of Bad History Coming to Ahistoricality!

The Carnival of Bad History will be here, Monday, March 13th. "Bad History" includes
  • incorrect information, particularly well-loved myths and legends
  • pseudo-historical distortion for political or cultural gain
  • historians behaving unprofessionally or otherwise embarassingly
  • historical analogies that don't work
  • historical drama, in print or screen, that messes up actual history
  • anything else that's historical and bad (if you're not sure, nominate it anyway and let me decide!)
The deadline for nominations will be Saturday, March 11th. You can send nominations to me directly (ahistoricality*at*earthlink*dot*net; please put something like "Bad History" in the subject line) or use the handy submission forms here or here.


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