Thursday, February 02, 2006

A New Metric of Success: Iraq

What I said over at Anne Zook's place (with link and emphasis added):
I recently heard a report on NPR that heads up my (as yet uncompiled) personal "Most underreported stories" list: over a million Iraqi refugees in neighboring countries since the invasion, as a result of the civil war we won't admit is already going on. The brain drain alone -- someone's been targetting professsors, doctors, engineers, so they're getting out in large numbers -- will cripple Iraqi society for a generation. So WorldNuts can talk all they want about hours of electricity service in Basra: until Iraqis are more likely to be moving into Iraq than away from it, we've got no cause for particular pride at our sewage (so to speak) and paving projects
For more devastating numbers, try this report and ask yourself which way you'd be moving.

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