Tuesday, February 14, 2006

History Carnival!

The 24th History Carnival is up, and Natalie Bennett has done -- as usual -- a superb job organizing and presenting the entries. As always, the mark of a truly great HC is that there's nothing from this blog in it; other hallmarks of a great crop of material are the rich archaeological discussions, the really good gender history material, and the unusual wealth of non-Western stuff, all obviating complaints I've made in the past about the HCs. Kudos, as they say, to Natalie and to the historical blogosphere!

This is as good a time as any to remind folks that the next Carnival of BAD History will be here on March 1st: submissions to ahistoricality at earthlink dot net, please!

Other Carnivals: The 6th Carnival of the Liberals and the 178th Carnival of Vanities are up. Also the Grand Rounds! Lots of stuff to read.

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