Friday, March 10, 2006

1+1=2. Literally!

There is, my friends and readers, an entire weblog devoted to tracking uses and misuses of the word "literally" in English. Really! (gotcha!)

There's also a blog devoted to tracking good and bad math, the latter of which is far more common than the former, it seems.

Will it, in fact, raise the level of literacy and numeracy on the web to know that someone is watching?

I doubt it. But it's nice to know there's someplace we can go for a little relief.

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Anonymous said...

So, oddly enough, I think I may have found a misuse (or unnecessary use) of the word "literally" in the good math blog. :-o
On Sat, March 11, MarkCC writes,
"Literally, the very definition of information in information theory is randomness."

Is this indeed a misuse?
(sorry, can't remember how to link)