Monday, March 20, 2006

Ouch! Images.

High heeled shoes. Pointy-toed, Thin-Soled, High Heel Girl Shoes, as the Chenille Sisters sing it. Think they can't get any worse? Ouch.

Fortune Cookies. Mostly tasteless, with cheap wisdom instead of actual fortunes, not-Chinese excuse for lousy humor and crumbs all over your pants. Wanna shoot one? Bang. (More damage-inflicting photos -- very pretty ones, actually -- here)

M.C.Escher. Elegant, mindbending images, n-dimensional thinking projected in two grayscale dimensions. Think it can't be done for real? Think again! (and if you think that's bad, wait till you see what they do when they go beyond Escher, into hex nuts, toruses, mogen davids....)

Secret Bathtub Graveyard. No, I'm not kidding. It's a nice picture.

Never rains, but...: Orac went to an exhibit of plastinated medical exhibits... aka polymer preserved cadavers and specimens. Fascinating technology, really, though the pictures are a bit raw...

Non Sequitur: I've done a little sidebar maintenance, with a bit more to come, mostly catching my blogroll up with my rss reading.

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