Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Carnivals of GOOD History

Alun actually beat me by a half day, but I didn't have time to link to him, but the Women's History Month edition of the Ancient/Medieval Carnivalesque is rich stuff and peppered with great quotations, which I heartily approve of. And the History Carnival, Liberal Carnival and Teaching Carnival are all just around the corner!

The Carnival of Bad History below is attracting great traffic: thanks to Another Damned Medievalist, Grant Jones (who remains unconvinced), Orac, Ralph Luker, The Neural Gourmet (also here), Hiram Hover, Coturnix, Alun, Pooh and Sharon Howard (so far) for links and support. Additional links: Thanks also to Miland , HNN (my site stats show an uptick in links from e-mail hosts, which comes from being included in the HNN newsletter), Elfin Ethicist, Sour Duck.

Actual Carnivals
  • History Carnival 33 (that's me, not Rob) is up, and it's very impressive. His description of the CBH below is "thoughtful and gloriously masochistic." Yeah, that's me!
  • Carnivalesque, as I said, was up before. I'm reading it now and having a blast.
  • Carnival of the Liberals is up, and it's got not only interesting posts, but Haiku and posters for each one!

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