Monday, March 20, 2006

Ranting and Raving

Two new carnivals:

Carnival of the Rant which, like Vanities, Comedy, etc., is dominated by hard-core (they're ranting, aren't they?) conservatives. I know we on the left can rant with the best of them....

On the other hand, the Radical Progressive Carnival is thoroughly, and appropriately, dominated by the left. It's a small carnival, but if you're being radical and progressive in the next two weeks, you can get in the next one!


Mark A. Rayner said...

Yeah, I saw the Rant Carnival and my immediate thought was: "how many times do I have to read the same six posts?"

RADICAL Progressive? Isn't that a contradiction? Oh well, we'll see, but I doubt that I'll write anything that qualifies -- certainly nothing from General Kang, unless he suddenly goes all Commie on us. :)

p.s. I finally added you to my blogroll -- sorry it took so long.

Ahistoricality said...

Well, progressive is something of a continuum; I call myself progressive, but my radical days are kind of behind me, I think. They're mostly trying to screen out weak-kneed liberals...

Besides, if they call themselves just the "radical" carnival, they'd get folks from all kinds of fringes.

Thanks for the blogroll!