Thursday, March 09, 2006

Link and Learn

The Carnival of the Vanities is up, after what sounds like some technical difficulties. Don't they ever have liberal hosts?

Anne Zook routinely does something that should be annoying, but she does it with such flair, and she's always right about the posts being worthwhile. Seriously: I could highlight one or two that are most worth reading, but I'd just be picking at random.

Everyone's linking to Odom's Iraq=Vietnam piece. Just in case you're not reading everyone....

I'll always link to a good discussion of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, particularly one that puts it into such interesting historical context: the Martians were Germans...

Speaking of Germans, Orac noted the firebombing of the Holocaust History Project offices (as well as the ongoing cyber attacks) and is spearheading a drive to get lots of folks linking to them in defiance of the holocaust deniers. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Update: The Carnival of Satire is up! The New Revised (PC/Liberal) Standard KJV is reasonably funny; the Rabbit Liberation Front (yes, I'm making up my own descriptive titles) is bloody and violent, but well done; the de-motivational poster version of the President is nicely done. But the cream of the crop has to be "Study Proves Universe Created By Committee"
“Biodiversity is the primary stumbling block,” said Dr. Pootle. “Whoever created this cacophony of species would have had to be infinitely powerful and infinitely creative, but also infinitely schizophrenic to come up with the myriad different solutions to identical problems that the creators of the universe have. Either that, or we’re looking at a different kind of process altogether.”
An alternative explanation, that the randomness and diversity of life on Earth may be caused by the progressive alteration of species over successive generations due to small variations caused by spontaneous and random cellular mutations, with those members of a species best equipped for survival also proving most likely to successfully reproduce, as theorized by Charles Darwin, is discounted by Pootle and Frick as “mystical speculation”.
Now that's funny. Also: the 45th Carnival of Comedy is up!


Anonymous said...

Liberals are welcome to host! And enter!

I think what happened historically is that Bigwig started CotV, after a while got others to host, and because it tended to be people he read/knew, and people who read politically like-leaning blogs that participated, the host volunteers leaned right and maybe libertarian.

In addition to the emphasis on quality, I'd like to see it be nonpartisan in who hosts, links, and enters. The hard part is that a host might have to hold his nose and link disagreebale entries in the category of politics without any antics. I think most bloggers have that in them.

Ahistoricality said...

One of these days I'll probably volunteer myself.

For now, I've just been trying to give a little balance to the CoV (and the Carnivals of Satire and Comedy, both of which are usually very well hosted but very heavy on political humor from the right) by encouraging submissions (and making submissions myself, when I find stuff) from the Left, drawing attention to the good stuff and the exposure it brings.

I do think it's odd that I seem to be the only liberal (among the bloggers I read, anyway) who pays any attention to what should be multi-partisan fun.

Ahistoricality said...


I think you and the other C-Satire hosts have been really good about how you present the stuff, without, of course, betraying your own principles or sense of humor. I know there's never been a political barrier in the selection process.

In a way, my complaint is really aimed not at the Carnivals as much as it is at the liberals who don't participate in them.