Thursday, March 16, 2006

Carnivals I don't have time to read now but will come back to

Carnival of the Vanities, whose host this week breaks with recent practice to actually engage with some of the content, and quote from the entries so that you can tell what they are about and whether you might find them worthwhile before you click through. Very unusual for CoV, and most welcome.

Tangled Bank, the general science carnival I don't get to often enough. But it's an education every time, so I'm going to make time. Soon.

Skeptic's Circle presented in an unusually (for SC) straightforward style. The content looks like the usual very high-quality entertainment and enlightenment, too.

Grand Rounds, the carnival that makes me nervous about hospitals and doctors, but also less likely to make mistakes when I do need them. The host actually tracked how much time she spent putting it together: 4 hours. That's about a third what I usually spend on a carnival, not counting post-publication promotion and tracking.... Like I said, I don't have time to read these now, but this post just dragged me in and ought to get a lot of thoughtful attention from not just doctors, but college administrators, professors, feminists, libertarians, and cultural commentators of all stripes.

New (because I still don't have time to read them): The Teaching Carnival. There's one meme I'd like to get to one of these days....

Curious about how Carnival Hosting can affect your blog traffic? Here's my StatCounter summary:
The other peaks in the last month -- the ones that indicate about 200 visitors in a day -- come from inclusion in big traffic carnivals and links from high-traffic link-collecting bloggers -- were my highest days ever. Until now. This carnival has now brought a thousand visitors and counting: almost 10% of my total visitor count has happened in the last three days. Most of them don't read anything but the carnival itself, though, so it's not like I'm going to get a lot of new long-term readers out of this. I'm thrilled, though, because I really do think the CoBH is a great institution.

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