Thursday, March 02, 2006

Poetic Skepticism

This Skeptics Circle
is a series of haiku!
Their hosts are the best.

I will post one here, but you really have to go read the rest
Religious fervour
v. Scientific rigour:
A truce unlikely.
I might consider doing the Carnival of Bad History in limerick form.... it's harder than it looks. I keep meaning to go back to the OEDILF and see if any of their current words inspire me.... here's some successful entries, which are pretty impressive.

Speaking of Japanese culture, did you know that Origami is the top Technorati Search Term at the moment? No, not an outbreak of paperfolding: it's the code word for some top-secret Microsoft product rollout.... bummer.

Also, the Carnival of Comedy is up: always fun to see if your idea of funny has any correlation to the hosts'....

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