Saturday, March 04, 2006

Democrats are the new Conservatives?

Jamie Wolf writes:
Responsibility. Community. Competence. The first and last words aren’t traditionally associated with the Democratic Party—indeed they sound downright Republican—but all the better. Anomalously enough, these days you could say that Democrats have essentially become the new Republicans—in that nearly everything valuable at the core of the traditional Republican message has been trashed by the Bush administration and its leaders in Congress, and it’s now the Democrats who are advocating for fiscal discipline, and lack of government interference in private life; for doing things more effectively and less wastefully; for carefully considering before leaping into foreign adventures.
Responsibility. Community. Competence. Some of us have been advocating this for a long time. Go back to the New Liberal Vision Roundtable, for example, two years ago, and think about what might have happened if Kerry's campaign had been more along these lines....

Via Anne Zook who also has some thoughts on the historical origins of the problem.

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